Director, Susie Alegre, gives evidence to the Foreign Affairs Committee Inquiry into the Future of UK Overseas Territories

Susie Alegre

Our Director, Susie Alegre, has given evidence to the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee Inquiry into the Future of UK Overseas Territories.
Her written evidence focused on key areas that need urgent review to strengthen the protection of human rights and governance in the UK’s overall approach to its OTs including:
–  review of the constitutional relationship with the OTs in order to clarify their needs and aspirations in terms of representation in the UK and on the international stage;
–  extension of all international human rights commitments to OTs in order to avoid the creation of human rights black-holes;
– research into the effective enjoyment of human rights in the OTs to ensure that the same basic standards apply in OTs as in the UK;
–  clear and detailed guidance on the scope and scale of development assistance that it can provide to OTs under Article 2 of the International Development Act 2002; and
– legislation to remove anomalies in British nationality law in relation to OTs.
The full submission can be read here

As well as her written evidence, Susie was invited to give oral evidence to the Committee on 16th October 2018. In the session, Susie highlighted the very different approaches that are required by individual OTs and the need to look at arrangements to ensure adequate healthcare for residents in OTs. A recording of the evidence session can be viewed here.