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An international human rights lawyer with over 20 years’ experience, I have worked on some of the most challenging legal and political issues of our time including human rights and security, combating corruption in the developing world, protecting human rights at borders, the human rights impacts of climate change and the impact of Brexit on individual rights and security. I have particular expertise in human rights and technology and the protection of human rights in the small island context.

My work has taken me all over the world to places as diverse as Spain, Uganda, Brussels, Kyrgyzstan and Poland.  I have worked for international NGOs like Amnesty International and international organisations including the UN, the EU and the Council of Europe.  The breadth of my experience has given me great insight into the way international law and institutions work in practice. A native English speaker, I am also fluent in French and Spanish.

I worked as Anti-Terrorism Adviser to the human rights department of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) advising on the delicate balance of security and human rights in the region including the US, EU and Former Soviet Union.  And in Uganda I worked on combating corruption for the EU. I have practical experience in accountability and oversight roles that support the development of public policy.  In the UK, I have worked as a consultant for the Equality and Human Rights Commission and as an Ombudsman for the Financial Ombudsman Service and am currently appointed as the Interception of Communications Commissioner for the Isle of Man which is where I am from.  In 2017 I set up the Island Rights Initiative bringing together my expertise in international human rights and my small island roots.

I am a barrister and associate tenant at the renowned Doughty Street Chambers, a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Roehampton and an Associate of the Policy Practice.

I have an MA Hons in French and Philosophy from the University of Edinburgh and a Masters in European and International Human Rights Law from the University of Nantes.

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